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DD Weight Indicator

The Rugged DD Weight Indicator Acquires and Displays Process Data in Both Digital and Analog

Digital Dial (DD) weight indicators are flexible tools for acquiring and displaying process data. The DD consists of an analog to digital capture system with both digital and analog displays. Digital capture ensures precise measurements with flexible processing and the analog display ensures simple readability in critical situations.

Devices in the DD series have the same feature set and available options. They differ only in their enclosure/face size - 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” (nominal).

DD Weight Indicator Features
  • Resolution, sensitivity, and increments are user programmable
  • Selectable mV (Load Cell) or mA (4-20mA Current Loop) signal input
  • Field adjustable calibration
  • High speed sampling for rapid response to weight changes
  • Optional Quadrature Encoder interface for depth and speed measurement
  • Optional analog output (4-20mA or 0-5VDC) tracks the digital display
  • RS-232 port (optional 2nd RS-232) for computer interfacing, data-logging or remote display
  • Dial Face with custom ranges available