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Greaseless Control Unit

Greaseless Control Unit Features

  • 3 dual 100’ reels for triple WLV
  • Dual or single 100’ reel for tool trap
  • Dual reel 150’ for greaseless packoffs
  • Single reel with 150’ of 3/8 10K jack hose
  • 12,000 PSI air-driven lubricating pump
  • 12,000 PSI manual hand pump for backup
  • 5 gallon accumulator bottles
  • 30 gallon air receiver Tank
  • Air dryer system
  • Controls with separate regulators for all equipment
    (new style regulator that can bleed down without cycling the valves or dumping them these valves also self-regulate against thermal expansion so your packoff hydraulics won’t creep up as the temperature changes)
  • 10K hand pump with bulkhead for quick test sub
    (hose not included)
  • Backup 5K hand pump chamber.