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RigLock 15K

Remote, Quick Connection with Simple Operations Designed Specifically for High-Pressure Wells

The FHE RigLock 15K remotely connects surface equipment to the wellhead for high-pressure wells. It increases well operation efficiencies and eliminates the risk of potential and costly injuries. With an innovative design, the RigLock 15K has simple mechanisms to close in well pressure especially under the grueling conditions present in high-pressure formations.

Engineered for the Extreme Conditions of High-Pressure Well Operations

The FHE RigLock 15K conquers the challenging environments of high pressure well operations with 3 levels of safety. Well intervention teams, responsible for high-pressure operations, will benefit from increased productivity while improving safety on location.

The engineered construction is composed of a limited number of moving parts which reduces maintenance time and improves operations while also increasing usability. With the RigLock 15K, the adapter or night cap initiates the connection. The hydraulically actuated lock ring lowers to complete it.

The tapered surface of the adapter and night cap closes the reactive wedges as it enters into the RigLock 15K. From a safe distance, the lock ring is lower with hydraulic controls to secure the connection and lock it in place. Once pressure is present, the outer surface of the wedges settles into the lock ring preventing the connection from releasing unintentionally.

With nearly 360 degree surface contact, the RigLock 15K evenly distributes all pressure completely controlling internal forces between surface equipment and the wellbore.

3 Levels of Safety Built In

The RigLock 15K has three levels of safety built in to the design. Safety is the underlying core value at FHE. Every piece of equipment we design, engineer, and manufacture is created to ensure the safety of those working at the well site. The RigLock 15K is no exception.

The RigLock 15K features a light indicators on the control panel (see page 8 and 9). Green indicates the connection is secure and it is safe to proceed with the wireline operations. A red light lets you know the RigLock 15K is open and unlocked while a yellow light alerts operators of an incomplete closure.

The second safety feature built into the RIgLock 15K is the spring hinges on the reactive wedges. The springs hold the unit open but once the adapter or night cap is engaged, the springs ensure proper initial closure.

The internal contour of the lock ring is the third level of safety. When pressure is exerted from the well, the reactive wedges lock into the lock ring groove preventing anyone from unlocking and opening the RigLock 15K.

To help save workers from devastating and costly injuries, FHE developed the RigLock 15K for high-pressure formations. The RigLock 15K removes individuals from the dangerous position of connecting by hand unsecured equipment to the wellhead.

Benefit from Tremendous Gains in Work Efficiency

The RigLock 15K speeds up overall well completions. It makes it possible to connect and disconnect surface equipment to the wellhead. The adapter drops in easily to the oversized, highly visible entry guide which initiates the connection. The reactive wedges close around the adapter or night cap. The lock ring completes the connection as it is lowered by the operator from the updated control panel.

This innovative process eliminates time consuming activities. Wireline operations are streamlined with the RigLock 15K.

FHE RigLock 15K Features

The RigLock 15K remotely connects pressure control equipment to the wellhead making operations more efficient with improved safety.

  • Designed specifically for superior performance on high-pressure well operations.
  • 3 levels of safety to protect personnel, equipment, and business relations.
  • Four reactive wedges initiate the seal once the adapter or night cap is received into the RigLock.
  • The lock ring hydraulically lowers over the reactive wedges completing the connection.
  • The oversized, highly visible entry guide ensures crane operators can properly place equipment.
  • By working remotely, technicians lock and unlock the RigLock from a safe distance eliminating possibility of injury.