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Perforating Guns

Engineered for Superior and Consistent Performance

Designed for reliable and consistent performance while punching holes in the casing, Perforating Guns prepare the well for optimal performance. The advanced engineering of our Perforating Guns give you greater control, increased accuracy, and reliable results. They are available in different configurations, lengths, and diameters.

Perforating Gun Features

  • Scalloped and slick guns available
  • Engineered for maximum effectiveness and minimal debris
  • Available in various configurations, lengths, and diameters

Recommended Gun Systems

Gun Size 3-1/8 IN 3-1/8 IN 3-3/8 IN 3-3/8 IN
79 MM 79 MM 86 MM 86 MM
Shot Density 4 SPF 6 SPF 4 SPF 6 SPF
13 SPM 20 SPM 13 SPM 20 SPM
Phasing 120° 60° 120° 60°

Scalloped Perforating Guns

fhe scalloped perforating guns

Slick Perforating Guns

fhe slick perforating guns