Access your equipment certifications quickly and easily.

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Immediate Access to All Your FHE Pressure Control Equipment Records and Certifications with CORE.

FHE CORE is an asset management tool that helps you view, track, analyze, and optimize all your pressure control equipment. As an asset management tool, FHE CORE allows you to view status of your equipment, track equipment records, and sort details for analysis.

The program displays cost-breakdowns to help see the value of properly maintained equipment and can show potential saving opportunities.


FHE CORE was designed by FHE and is managed in-house. This easy to use, searchable database organizes certificates for quick access; the convenience of which is most notable on location when the company man comes calling.


Annual Service

Annual service certifies that pressure control equipment functions properly and is ready to perform in the field.

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Level 4 Service

Level 4 Service is a detailed inspection to ensure pressure control equipment is maintaining material integrity through years of service.

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WPCE Training

Ensure safe and efficient operations of FHE manufactured pressure control equipment

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