The FHE RigLock safely and quickly connects your pressure control equipment to the wellhead.

With a unparalleled design, the RigLock™ makes rigging up and down more efficient while adding unmatched safety measures to protect your team from costly injuries.


The RigLock™ removes individuals from the dangerous and compromised position of connecting by hand unsecured equipment to the wellhead. The RigLock™ securely attaches these toolsand equipment with remote hydraulic actuation. The locking connection maintains the pressure for you beginning your wireline operations.

Annual Service

Annual service certifies that pressure control equipment functions properly and is ready to perform in the field.

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Level 4 Service

Level 4 Service is a detailed inspection to ensure pressure control equipment is maintaining material integrity through years of service.

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WCPE Training

Ensure safe and efficient operations of FHE manufactured pressure control equipment.

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