RigLock 12.5K
RigLock 12.5K
RigLock 12.5K

RigLock 12.5K

Designed with innovation in mind, the FHE RigLock 12.5K makes the connection process quick, efficient, and safe. With its secure and reliable connection to the wellhead, you can rest easy knowing that safety is never compromised.

The FHE RigLock 12.5K is ideal for oil and gas companies looking to take their well service operations to the next level. Its tough and innovative design empowers professionals to work efficiently and safely, while its streamlined connection process improves productivity, reduces costs, and ultimately helps drive business success.

FHE RigLock 12.5K Features:

  • Six hydraulic cam locks connect your equipment to the well head.
  • The ring lock drops down to secure the cams even without hydraulic pressure.
  • Oversized, highly visible entry guide ensures proper placement.
  • Remote actuation keeps technicians from danger.
  • Speeds up all well work with quick connections.
  • Designed to replaces both your pump in sub and quick test sub.


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