15K Wireline Valve

15K Wireline Valve

15K WLV Protects Tools and Crew from Well and Operational Pressures

The FHE 15K Wireline Valve is engineered, built and reinforced to successfully contain the high-pressures created to push equipment or originating from the well. With powerful and reliable hydraulic actuators, the 15K Wireline Valve efficiently closes well-flow when necessary.

This 15K Wireline Valve is recommended for unpredictable and high-pressure wireline operations. Flanged connections, uni-body design, and tough construction are just a few of the features of this beefy piece of equipment.

15k Wireline Valve Features

  • Hydraulic actuators flanged unions equalizing and bleed-off valves
  • Recommended for high-pressures
  • Available as dual or triple configurations
  • Quick-connect unions available
  • Strong uni-body construction
  • Fits your system with various unions and IDs
  • H2S service

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