The FHE RigLock safely and quickly connects your pressure control equipment to the wellhead. With a unparalleled design, the RigLock makes rigging up and down more efficient while adding unmatched safety measures to protect your team from costly injuries.


    Safety is the underlying core value at FHE. Every piece of equipment we design, engineer, and manufacture is created to ensure the safety of those working at the well site. The RigLock is no exception. Through our research, FHE calculated a high number and frequency of injuries that occurred during the rig up and down processes.

    To help improve this situation and save your team from devastating and costly injuries, FHE developed the RigLock, a safe, quick wellhead connection. The RigLock removes individuals from the dangerous and compromised position of connecting by hand unsecured equipment to the wellhead. The RigLock securely attaches these tools and equipment with remote hydraulic actuation. The locking connection maintains the pressure for you beginning your wireline operations.


    The RigLock speeds up all well work by quickly connecting and disconnecting your equipment string and the wellhead. The RigLock adapter drops in easily to the oversized, highly visible entry guide. The six hydraulic cams seals the connection remotely. The locking ring drops to mechanically secure the cams locks.

    This innovative process eliminates time consuming activities including carefully positioning a technician in place to make this difficult and dangerous connection.