10K Equipment Trailers

10K Equipment Trailers

Make a lasting impression in the field.

Arrive in the field with the most impressive lubricator trailer in the industry. These trailers really show off your team and company. Your equipment will be kept safe and secure while traveling from one job to another. Each piece will stay right where you put it without any straps. Once you arrive on the job, the equipment can easily be unloaded with minimal risk of injury or damage. Call today and the FHE sales team will help custom design a trailer just for you.

10K Equipment Trailer Features

  • Secure lubricator rack protects the risers from damaged during transportation and unloading.
  • Custom layout puts every tool and piece of equipment right where you need it.
  • Equipment basket keeps your trailer organized and stores your equipment.
  • Safety features keep your team safe and prevent injuries.

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