FHE Smart Box

FHE Smart Box

Dependable data to fuel your well monitorin gand RigLock closures.

Confidently manage your well services with the FHE Smart Box. This rugged, field‑serviceable unit seamlessly integrates with the RigLock system, delivering unparalleled precision (±0.1%) and real-time confirmation of proper lock ring closures.

Uncompromising accuracy means you can finally ditch the guesswork and make data-driven decisions that optimize production, prevent downtime, and boost safety. Built to withstand the harshest environments, the Smart Box ensures unwavering reliability, minimizing downtime, and maximizing operations.

FHE Smart Box Features
  • Unrivaled Accuracy: ±0.1% well pressure measurement for actionable insights you can trust.
  • RigLock Integration: Real-time confirmation of proper closure, safeguarding personnel and equipment.
  • Built for the Toughest Jobs: Weatherproof and resilient, handling extreme temperatures and harsh elements.
  • Modular Serviceability: Minimize downtime with field‑replaceable components.
  • Optimize Production and Safety: Data-driven decisions and enhanced RigLock security for superior well performance.

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