RigLock 15K
RigLock 15K
RigLock 15K
RigLock 15K

RigLock 15K

The FHE RigLock 15K remotely connects surface equipment to the wellhead for high-pressure wells. It increases well operation efficiencies and eliminates the risk of potential and costly injuries. With an innovative design, the RigLock 15K has simple mechanisms to close in well pressure especially under the grueling conditions present in high-pressure formations.

Engineered for the Extreme Conditions of High-Pressure Operations

The FHE RigLock 15K conquers the challenging environments of high pressure well operations with 3 levels of safety. Well intervention teams, responsible for high-pressure operations, will benefit from increased productivity while improving safety on location.

The engineered construction is composed of a limited number of moving parts which reduces maintenance time and improves operations while also increasing usability. With the RigLock 15K, the adapter or night cap initiates the connection. The hydraulically actuated lock ring lowers to complete it.

RigLock 15K Features:

  • Designed specifically for superior performance on high-pressure well operations.
  • 3 levels of safety to protect personnel, equipment, and business relations.
  • Four reactive wedges initiate the seal once the adapter or night cap is received into the RigLock.
  • The lock ring hydraulically lowers over the reactive wedges completing the connection.
  • The oversized, highly visible entry guide ensures crane operators can properly place equipment.
  • By working remotely, technicians lock and unlock the RigLock from a safe distance eliminating possibility of injury.

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